Our Golden Heritage

Originally from Germany, the pioneering Strubens developed a taste for discovery and adventure in the New World when Johnas Struben emigrated to South Africa with his young family. Early mining expeditions by his sons led to the establishment of the “Confidence Reef” gold mine and the family were at the forefront of the prospecting revolution.


That Struben spirit still inspires today as the latest generation continues that journey, sourcing the finest cocoa from around the world to create our unique Connoisseur Chocolate Collection.

Our Chocolate Passion

Every step of the way, here at Struben Chocolate, passion is our special extra ingredient. It’s something born out of years of dedication, expertise and love. From tending the land to harvesting the cocoa crops, from carefully drying the beans to expertly blending the finest ingredients. Discover for yourself the unique chocolate taste.

Our Ethos ‘Soil is Life’

Supporting our producers, their families and respecting the environments in which we source, grow and refine our high quality cocoa, is a hugely important factor in the Struben way of doing things.

All around the world from South America to Africa; education, conservation and replanting are just some of the vital programmes we are proud to be involved with.