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25 February 2013

Kennedy’s Confection | Preview ISM

A new range of ‘Struben Connoisseur Cubes’, in new packaging, will be on display at ISM, in a bid to reflect the family’s heritage of pioneering and discovery. Designed by Point 6 in London, Struben says the deep colours and design have been developed to create ‘a premium look of classic elegance with a contemporary edge’. The result, it says, is a new range of Struben ‘Connoisseur Cubes’ comprised of three collections: ‘Plantations’, ‘Origins’ and ‘Blends’.

‘Plantations’ chocolates use cacao from specially selected growers, giving each its own complex of tastes. Contour patterns derived from the locations are said to create the refined look for this ultra premium range, while duotone images and muted colouring lend what Struben describes as ‘an historic and pioneering feel’ to the ‘Origins’ collection, which uses cacao from specific countries. Similarly, each flavour in the ‘Blends’ range is depicted with a unique ‘swirl’ giving every pack its distinctive character.


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